How to Select a Study Abroad Destination

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to explore new worlds and learn new customs and traditions. But wishful thinking will not get you there. You have to work hard and prepare for such a life changing adventure. Preparation for studying overseas entails a lot of research and planning. It all starts with the simple question: Where do you want to go?

Its vital to choose a good destination since the wrong one can make things difficult for you and lesson your educational experience. Think carefully before making a decision and ensure that you are happy with your destination decision. Studying abroad should be a fun-filled experience and this is possible if you know where to go.

Start by deciding what language you want to study. Top choices are English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. If you pick German or Italian, you'll end up primarily in Germany and Italy since these languages ​​are mostly spoken there. With English, Spanish and French, you'll have more choices for foreign language schools since these are spoken in many other countries.

After selecting the country, limit your choices to certain regions or cities. Be specific about what you want. Are you looking for a lively destination with plenty of nightclubs or would you prefer a peaceful place like the countryside? Would you like to go to a large city like London or a smaller one such as Oxford? Selecting the place is just one side of the coin. You need to determine if the place you like has all the amenities and facilities you need.

Other important questions to consider are: Would you consider living with a host family or do you like living alone? Are you looking for place to spend the summer or will you be staying there for a full semester? Your answers to these questions will help you make the right decision. To experience life beyond your borders and expand your college education by studying abroad, go to .